Hot Lunches

This year parents can order milk through

Each year parents must re-register as information (classrooms, teachers) changes year to year. It is an easy program to use and allows for parents to pay through PayPal if they wish. Parents can easily check what has been ordered and the status of their account. Each month ordering will be open for a week and there will be a deadline for orders to be in. There will be no exceptions. Dates for ordering milk will be posted through our website. It is important that you sign-up at our website at for notifications so that you are aware of when ordering for milk is open and closed for ordering.

To Get Started:

  1. Go to the HotLunches site. You should bookmark this site.
  2. Click the "REGISTER" menu at the top right hand corner to sign up. Our school access code is GFHL – it is important to use this code!
  3. Enter your name, email address and phone, then a user ID that you will use for access to the HotLunches application. Enter a password and then enter it again to verify that it is correct.

    Please remember your user ID and password!
  4.  Once registered, you will be logged into the website.
  5. Add your children by clicking on the "STUDENTS" button below or the "PROFILE" menu tab in order to proceed. Once your children have been added to the system you will be able to place milk orders immediately by clicking the "Order" button below each child's name.

Please Note: For children who are parented from two homes, both parents will be able to register and use the system by adding “mom” or ‘dad” to your child’s last name,

Our system is set up for our parents to pay online. If you have a bank account, debit or credit card you can set up for online payment through PayPal. There is a fee to use PayPal (.03%). 

If a parent wishes to pay by cheque, you must still order online. Place your order online and print out a ‘Remittance Form’ or copy down the amount. Then send it to the school, along with a single cheque payable to Greenfield Elementary School or cash, in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and teacher on it. For those who are paying with cheques or cash, this must be received by the Friday after the deadline. Please do your best with this!